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As trailblazers in blockchain research, development and consultancy, are helping to create the future.

Our open-source blockchain framework was designed to allow you to build the next-generation of decentralised applications, easily and quickly.

We research, we develop, we open-source, you build.


  • Programmer Centric

    Enables existing smart programmers to become smart blockchain programmers

  • Modular Design

    Adhering to best practices has produced an easy to follow code base

  • Framework Flexibility

    Swappable consensus mechanisms, configurable blocks, scalable networks

  • Cost Effective

    Save time and money with the easiest to use blockchain framework available


At we like push the boundaries. To fund the research & development required to produce a next-generation blockchain framework, we offer a range of consultancy services. Funding raised from these services is then pumped back into research & development. This enables us to further develop our framework, which we open-source, for you to use, for free, forever.

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Traditional consultancy

As a world leader in blockchain research and development, offer a range of traditional blockchain consultancy services. Blockchain technology is a new and highly specialised area of computing, so why not leverage our existing team of blockchain experts to fulfill your research and development needs in a timely and cost effective manner. We have found this collaborative approach negates the need for partners to build out their own blockchain function, which can be a timely and costly endeavour. Everything from research and proofs-of-concept, to prototypes, MVPs and rolling out production releases, we are here to help, guide and build.

Alt -consultancy

At we firmly believe in the power of the many. With this in mind we have launched what we like to call our alt-consultancy initiative. Alt-consultancy allows a collective to crowdfund an open-source feature in the lemmingchain framework. Simply transfer LTC to the the associated funding address provided below and once the funding target has been reached we will drop what we are currently working on and give the feature you funded our undivided attention. A full list of open-source features can be found on our Kanban Board on GitHub.

  • Proof-of-Work

    Implement proof-of-work consensus mechanism in the lemmingchain framework

  • Proof-of-Burn

    Implement proof-of-burn consensus mechanism in the lemmingchain framework

  • Proof-of-Authority

    Implement proof-of-authority consensus mechanism in the lemmingchain framework

  • Shim-client

    Enhance the shim-client in the lemmingchain framework

  • Documentation

    Expand on the documentation and coding examples for the lemmingchain framework

  • Buy us a beer

    Buy the dev team at lemmingchain a beer for all their hard work

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